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KUGKmusique is in cooperation with
the spanish music-production
(head of direction: JOSE LOPEZ).
JUHA VALKEAPÄÄ is one artist of them.



JUHA VALKEAPÄÄ is an artist from Finland ----------------

Juha Valkeapää Clip: Siberian Summer (CD Siberian Summer)

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This is one of the four parts of the work "My Siberia" that Juha Valkeapää has carried
out for the exhibition "Siberia" that takes place in the Museum of Cultures of Helsinki
from May 2002 to May 2003. A recreation through the vision of this vocal artist in which
he mix the possibilities of the human voice with samplers and the most avant-garde electroni--------

He is a vocal performer. Depending on the performance context, his vocal art
could be defined as music, theatre or performance art.

Since 1992, he've made diverse vocal works, both solo and as a member of group –
live performances, exhibitions, cd’s and pieces for radio.

Until now, his biggest work has been a trilogy of aging. First two parts based on sounds
and movements made by his son? "Boy" 1998 and "Boy’s Toys" 1999.
The last part made a conclusion? "Getting Old Project" 2000.

Currently, he's composing a soundscape for a Siberia exhibition, coming up at the
MUSEUM OF CULTURES, Helsinki, in May 2002.

He is also working on live performance called "MY SIBERIA" from this piece
"SIBERIAN SUMMER" was published into of the collection "The Bside project"