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KUGKmusique is in cooperation
with the spanish music-production
(head of direction: JOSE LOPEZ).
VICTOR NUBLA is one artist of them.



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VICTOR NUBLA | Hammerhead | MiniCD

VICTOR NUBLA is an artist from Barcelona in Spain. The CD by KUGKmusique is calling HAMMERHEAD

Victor Nubla Clip: The Voice Of Ancient Travellers (CD Hammerhead)


He is without a doubt, at the present time, one of those most experimental sound creative assetses, more than 20 years working in the field of experimentation endorse the artistic trajectory of this author. Creator in 1989 of the MCO (Metodo de Composicion Objetiva), in this occasion it is plentiful in this method and it proposes us a trip through the imagination and the hertzian waves.

One of the original members of the laboratory group MACROMASSA, founded in 1976, experimenting with electronic modifications of the wind instruments and voice thru the advanced or unknown ways of rock, jazz, industrial music, noise or minimal. More than 40 recordings and 100 concerts are the product of those years.

His solo work starts in 1980, founding the Laboratorio de Musica Desconocida (Unknown Music Laboratory) and working in improvisation, electronic experiments, soundscape, installations and music for cinema, video, theatre and contemporary dance.

In 1993, NUBLA suffer a deformatory progress in his right arm and hand and he must leave to play the clarinet and bass clarinet (his original wind instruments). At this moment, NUBLA starts a new phase of reflection and conceptualization about his creative work, radicalizing his research round about the electronic processing of the wind instruments, designing systems in way to permit to play the clarinets without blow nor hold-up it, obtainig however complexe and controlled sounds in all his parameters. Those technics are called by NUBLA "TRUST MODEL FOR SLIGHT WORK", stablishing an ironical parallel with the sugar pumps and extraction machinery.

In May 2000, NUBLA close the project and expends all his energy in the MCO series: The MCO ("OBJECTIVE COMPOSITION METHOD") is a project to construct sounds with emotive hazard systems and sampling, and ANTICHTON, the live-side of the MCO project. Workshops and conferences are reflected too at the end of this page. Founder in 1980 of the Laboratorio de Musica Desconocida (Unknown Music Laboratory) a permament laboratory for research and developping of sound experiments. Founder in 1996 of the Gracia Territori Sonor project (Gracia, Sonic Territory, a trans-european project for the circulation of non-usual artists, ideas and music thru the european cities).