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KUGKmusique is in cooperation with the spanish music-production
(head of direction: JOSE LOPEZ). PAU TORRES is one artist of them.


KUGKmusique, Pau Torres


PAU TORRES is an artist from Spain.

Pau Torres Clip: Frank's (CD Hostile)

Musik Frankfurt: KUGKmusique, Pau Torres, Cover


In spite of his title, this new work of Pau Torres is, maybe the most friendly one that we have had the pleasure to listen until now of hand of this surprising creator. In this occasion much more centered in the atmospheric part, recreating in the small details. "Hostile" represents a step ahead towards the maturity of the ideas and the forms, an album that is enjoyed from the beginning until the end and it requests more than one listening to be able to appreciate its enormous content in all its fullness.

Pau Torres Clip: The Anti Song (CD My Wrong Mood) 

sik Frankfurt: KUGKmusique, Pau Torres, Cover

PAU TORRES "My wrong mood" C

In "My wrong mood" Pau Torres fuses the electroacustic, electronica and jazz,
exploring new territories. Click on the cover to see more and listen.




PAU TORRES "The Anti Song"

Black CDr 5 1/4" diskette packaging (Limited to 200 )
A very special sound track that bring us different places and states of mind.
This is one of the most surprising and innovating works that have been made in Spain.
Five tracks of incredible complexity and difficult classification.


sik Frankfurt: KUGKmusique, Pau Torres, Cover-


This CD is only available by KUGKmusique.
He shares his time among "LE DIABOLO MARIACHI" and his personal adventures,
this it is a CD that explores in the possibilities of the electronic music,
the Jazz and more other influences from Tom and Jerry to John Cage.
This work represents a clear exponent of the the current culture "cut and paste",
a small jewel of limited edition------------


In their childhood locked in the cinemas it is where he discovers their great interest all told type
of artificially created sounds overalls in the movies of science-fiction and search their sound bands.

He studies solfeggio and guitar, where a student is considered a point disconcerting, this period
it is good to discover that between the punk and the Jazz there is very little difference,
understanding this way the reason for which makes more of 25 years that is not published
a advisable Jazz disc. It passes a lot of their time locked in a small study near to a
computer, creating sound bands, musical assemblies and sound effects.

At the same time makes tapes where it mixes disks of Jazz with noises and extrange waves, sampling
environmental noises, recycled exotic disks and mix sound bands of cartoons.

Later  forms "LE DIABOLO MARIACHI". At the moment it pages the activity with this group with other
activities like "Silence ...estamos pescando" (improvisation), The Walter Thompson Orquestra
(improvisation orquestra directed by the composer of New York Walter Thompson), City bop sesions
(project of hip hop), Plastic Tsunami (electronic Punk-jazz)-------------------------------------------------