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KUGKmusique is in cooperation with the spanish music-production TESTING GROUND
(head of direction: JOSE LOPEZ). VELMA is one artist of them.


Christophe Jaquet (voice)  
Christian Garcia (Guitar and electronics)
Stéphane Vecchione (Drums) 
Olivier Mariette (Films and multimedia)
Stéphane Noël (management) --------------------

KUGKmusique, VELMA


Musik Frankfurt: KUGKmusique, VELMA, Cover

VELMA | BARCELONA | 21,26 min. ______________________________

Velma Clip: Circunflex (CD Barcelona)

----------During the private viewing of Fernando Landovitch's retrospective, three amateurs,
weary of the endless aphasia surrounding them, discovered a common ground
for their individual researches in musical art---

------Sharing a similar interpretation of the great Vladislav Bauer's masterworks, they
decided to emerge together from the current cacophony under a promising name: Velma. 

From its beginnings, the Velma collective has combined its musical research with other artists
working in various fields. For example, Velma recorded the soundtrack of ely & nepomuk,
an animation movie by Rafael Sommerhalder. This collaboration was awarded the
2001 SSA / Swissimage Price for “Best Animation Movie”.

---------The collective also created musical arrangements for the dance show Natal for the
choreographer Fabienne Berger and performed them on stage during its representations in
January 2001.

------Natal musical arrangements are also available on mnarsitik records. Velma wrote the music
for a four voices choir for La supplication, a play by the Lausanne stage director Denis Maillefer,
and recorded the music of Finalé by the Robert Pacitti Co. (London). This stage performance
has been presented in the United Kingdom and will tour Europe as of May 2001.

--------Velma created an artistic intervention called Plot in 3 public spaces, this competition being
organized by the Plastic Art Fund of the City of Lausanne.

-------In the same artistic field, Velma was part of the project VOID organized in the CAN
(Centre d'Art de Neuchâtel) by architecture collective Artefact with Philippe Decrausat,
Barbara Bunker and Christian Robert-Tissot.-------------------------------------